Voices of Detroit In-depth conversations with entrepreneurs and community leaders who are leading the renaissance of Detroit

Snappy title for this post isn’t it?  It actually is the description of a new podcast series that David Benjamin of the Sales Matrix and myself came up with while drinking coffee one day.

Our goal is to hold personal conversations with persons who are moving the Detroit area forward.  We hope to learn what they are doing, how they are doing it, and most importantly the why.  It also is a great chance to expose the many up and coming entrepreneurs to other like minds (my apologies to the Like Mind people around the world) that reside in our area and grow the community even more.

Our first attempt at putting together our podcast took place January 22nd and focused on social media.  Not so much what social media is, but how we use it, how it effects us, and how it could possibly help in the renaissance of Detroit.

Our conversation quartet consisted of Shauna Nicholson of BizNet, Brian Eyster of Essential Strategies, David Benjamin from The Sales Matrix, and myself, Larry Henry of Two Floors Down Productions.

*Shauna Nicholson*, Marketing Manager, Biznet Internet Solutions


Working exclusively in online marketing strategy, Shauna is known for her insight on social media marketing, Shauna is a resource for metro-Detroit businesses who want to leverage the most powerful online tools available. By
transcending the social media hype and pairing reality-based business and marketing strategy to the tools, she positions clients to effectively secure measurable ROI.

Brian Eyster – Essential Strategies founder


Brian Eyster has been called a “financial contrarian” based on the success of his non-traditional approach to wealth development, honed through years in the financial services industry. It’s a title he wears proudly, knowing
that his financial planning strategies and coaching process build clarity, focus, and client confidence. Brian also plays an active part in training other financial professionals to develop a client educational format in their own practices, and is frequently requested as a speaker on wealth development strategies. He is a graduate of Michigan State University.

David Benjamin, Recruiting Manager, The SalesMatrix


With the recent downsizing going on in just about every industry, more and more professionals seek guidance in their job transition.  David has consistently been a valuable resource for professionals seeking career opportunities placing well over 100 highly qualified candidates to clients in a variety of industries.  David is a strong advocate of using social media platforms to market his business and recruit for his clients.


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2 Responses to “Voices of Detroit In-depth conversations with entrepreneurs and community leaders who are leading the renaissance of Detroit”

  1. Great job guys! (and Czarina)

  2. Excellent sources of information. Great job!!

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