America’s business incubator:The Coffee Shop!

coffee-shop-meetingAfter extensive research and literally thousands of cups of coffee consumed, I have come to the cold hard fact that America’s new wave of entrepreneurs and businesses is being born at coffee shops all across America.

Go to any Starbucks, Caribou Coffe, Biggby Coffee, Panera Bread (more than coffee shop but still fits the category), Coffee Beanery, or whatever your coffee mecca of choice is and look around.

What you’ll see are people, usually on laptops, working away, holding small business meetings, and in general doing the work that at one time would have only been done in an office setting.

Deals are being made.  Proposals are being written.  New ideas are being discussed. Companies are being born.

Isn’t it amazing for a 2 dollar cup of coffee (pure regular java guy here)  America is unleashing its collective greatness and drive to create and succeed. Those efforts could turnout to be the saviour of our economy in tough economic times. 

So the next time you stop in for that cup of Joe, latte, or whatever your favorite beverage is at your coffee shop, take a good look around the room.  You’ll be witnessing American business on the move!


~ by detroitvoice on January 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “America’s business incubator:The Coffee Shop!”

  1. Totally agree with this outlook that coffee shops are becoming incubators. I’ve frequented many a coffee shop within the last 14 months to do business. This most recent week, I was at a shop for six hours. Two hours for a meeting and the rest working on business proposals. The atmosphere, Wi-Fi, and caffeine can be inspiration for business work!

  2. Back in the 1980s, when we were fighting to save an independent Conrail from the privatization plans of DOT Secretary Elizabeth Dole, I travelled extensively throughout the country visiting editorial writers. Toward the end of that time period, around 1986-87, we had an IBM laptop PC that actually had a modem with a modular jack, not an acoustic coupler.

    We used to have to work very hard to find a phone that could be unplugged from the wall so we could jack in to connect and send email reports — basically we shared a CompuServe account, uploaded the document, and then called the office and told them to log in and download it.

    But I remember reading a story in PC Magazine about hoboes in the 1930s leaving chalkmarks to let other hoboes know where they could get a meal, and urging road warriors to let each other know where there was an airport club room with a jack, or even one where someone had scraped off the insulation so that alligator clips could be used. (radio folks will remember using alligator clips to feed audio over the phone.)

    It’s funny how much easier it’s finally become. Even the waiting room at medical offices and surgical centers have wifi access today.

  3. I totally agree. When I am asked where my office is located, I smile and point to my laptop bag. My office is where I am. Coffee shops are great. Locally owned are even better.

  4. Larry, you are spot on! Have witnessed some of it myself throughout the years. Hot Chocolate is my drink of choice.

  5. The coffee shops that don’t have free wifi are missing the boat, unless they don’t have enough capacity. There are more consultants and independants in today’s downsized-economy. Professoinals are learning new ways to do business and meeting with other professionals at the coffee shops across America.

  6. Have to agree with you, as I plan on “Betting the Farm” on it… I have had an idea for creating an Internet café for a few years now (since 93). Do to my past work in the Syracuse Business Incubator, while at Syracuse University… I brought the idea back to my hometown, but refined it to be a Coffee/Internet Café, that could also sell local products in… The concept also include having Computers & Biz equipment onsite, computer classes on advertising, marketing and the Internet, packaging/mail service along with good coffee and sandwiches

    I did try this in my home town and got support locally- as Vice Pres to the Town Chamber of Commerce, I helping to start the towns Business Development Committee, and helped start a Small Biz Center, a Non for profit with the intent on the Incubator idea, but was pushed out do to politics…

    SO am now fixing to sell my family farm and do this idea of a “Micro Business Incubator, Café Style” in Virginia… Have already spoken to the local Chamber of Commerce, they feel really positive about the venture…

    Would you know of how to find out information about the stimulus plan and where to apply for some of the funding for Business Incubators?

    Charles Taggart

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