Crossing the journalistic line

Rob Parker-Detroit News columnist

Rob Parker-Detroit News columnist

Crossing the journalistic line.

That’s what Detroit News sports columnist and ESPN contributor Rob Parker did Sunday when querying embattled Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli on the team’s latest loss and the embarassing performance of the defense. 

Parker wasn’t satisfied with pressing Marinelli for an answers to several questions on the game and the performance under defensive coordinator Joe Barry, who happens to be Marineli’s son-in-law.  The line was crossed when Parked asked Marinelli if he thought his daughter should have married a better defensive coordinator and to their credit, the crew on Fox NFL Sunday called him out. (Watch video of Rob Parker questioning Rod Marinelli.)

As you heard if you listened to the clip, Marinelli bit his tongue at the time.  But 24 hours later on Monday, he did react, and did so as any father I think would.  (Detroit News Story)

There is no question Rob Parker crossed the line.  Criticizing a coach or player about their play is legitimate.  Bringing family into the equation is not.

For Rob Parker, stirring up controversy is nothing new and one has to wonder if it is planned to help increase his national stature and lead to possibly more appearances and work on ESPN.

Apology for false claims against MSU football player

Wikipedia-Rob Parker Controversies

The sad thing is that many in the Detroit community are cheering Rob Parker today for his questioning of Rod Marinelli and snicker at the questions concerning Marinelli’s daughter. 

I’m not sure what they want Marinelli to say!  Should he say “we suck,” “we’re the worst team in the history of the NFL,” “I am the worst coach in the history of the NFL and I resign now?

Rod Marinelli is not a stupid man.  He knows the NFL is a performance business and that he and his staff have one more week in their current jobs before being shown the door.  However, he refuses to throw his team or his coaches under the bus.  For that, I applaud him.  He’s shown character where others would be trying to find a way to cover their backside and blame everyone but themselves.  Marinelli has never done that.

Unfortunately, Rob Parker couldn’t follow that example of following the high road and went for the cheap laugh or dare we say it, the “YouTube Moment” with his question about Marinelli’s daughter.  Parker has gotten his national attention (just Google Parker’s name) but not for being an outstanding journalist.   Hopefully he is being honest when he says he apologizes (read apology in Detroit News) for asking the question. You be the judge. I say Parker got exactly what he be in the spotlight, journalism be damned.




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