The Death of Journalism

I have said for several years that journalism is dead.  I came to that conclusion by watching the continual dumbing down of reporting on television, both local and national, and the lack of substance and depth in reporting on radio.

Although my major was radio and television and political science, I did take several classes in journalism during my days at Indiana University.  The journalism school building was named for the great World War II reporter from Indiana Ernie Pyle.  I’m just glad that Mr. Pyle isn’t around today to see what the graduates of that once storied program and others like it around the United States now consider professional journalism.

A good friend of mine, Mike Knight, wrote on his blog Monday a brilliant indictment of journalism in America of 2008.  I cannot even come close to being able to put anything into words as well and as poignantly as Mike has done.  Therefore, please read his blog for yourself  (Mike Knight’s blog ) and shed a tear for the death of the American institution known as journalism.


~ by detroitvoice on December 16, 2008.

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