My email to Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican Chairman

This morning, I sent a brief email to Saul Anuzis who is the Michigan Republican Party Chairman and is running for the national chairmanship.  It was brief and to the point.

I would consider myself a Republican, however, what the southern Republican Senators have just done to the US car makers is unforgiveable and will also mean the Republican party will lose any union support it ever got.
This mess is now entirely laid at the feet of the Republican party.  It reinforces the myth that Republicans don’t care about every day people.  I’ll be amazed if a Republican can come close to winning state office In Michigan for at least a decade.
I could have said more, but why?  If Saul doesn’t understand the devastation this move has done to Michigan himself then indeed there is no hope for the Republican party.
I have never given out someone’s email address in a mass posting, but Saul Anuzis is a public figure and a voice in the Republican party.  Please, if you are sending him an email be civil and make your point as an intelligent person.

~ by detroitvoice on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “My email to Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican Chairman”

  1. i have to agree with your assessment.

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