Hypocrisy, thy name is Senator Harry Reid!

Harry Reid tells us what he thinks of us!

Harry Reid tells us what he thinks of us!

Unlike many in the media, I wanted to see who voted and how on the cloture motion in the U.S. Senate Thursday night for cloture on debate about the Big 3 bridge loan package, and found a few interesting results.  (Click on this to see the actual vote tally.)

The vote was 52-35, 8 shy of stopping debate.  There were 12 Senators that did not vote.  (Only 99 eligible after Barack Obama resigned his seat.)

Among those not casting a vote, Vice-President elect Joe Biden, and big Dems and “friends” of labor Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.  But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid topped them, he voted against cloture!  Yes, he voted not to cut off debate and then went on the Senate floor decrying what had happened!    (Video of Senate comments)

Okay, those four votes would have made it 56-31 in favor of cloture, still 4 short, but they should not be blasting away for political gain if three (Biden,Kennedy,Kerry) couldn’t find the time to cast a vote, and Harry Reid voted against it.  Isn’t voting on big bills, especially one that could save millions of U.S. jobs what they say they are all about?  Hypocrisy, you be the judge.


~ by detroitvoice on December 12, 2008.

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