When a lie becomes the truth!

One thing I’ve noticed the last several years, tell a lie long enough, and it becomes the truth.  Case in point is the Big 3 auto BRIDGE LOAN!

That’s right, it is a loan, but Congress and the media keep calling it a “bailout” so the public thinks that is exactly what it is.

Hmm, the car companies have to pay the money back.  AIG got a gazillion dollars, had parties, and don’t have to pay a dime back.  Unless I’m badly mistaken, there’s one hell of a difference between the two! (I’m just probably not smart enough to get the nuances in all of this.)

Why won’t the media and Congress use the right terminology?  It’s simple, they hate the Big 3.  They didn’t make “environmentally” friendly cars.  They didn’t worship at the altar of Al Gore.  They fought 50 different emissions standards for 50 different states.

How about this stupid idea of a “Car Czar!”

Anyone in Congress ever had to design a car, build a car, and sell a car?  Hell no! They’ll name some doofus who will tell the Big 3 they’ve got to make cars that fit their agenda, not that of the buying public.  One name I’ve heard is Paul Volcker, the former Fed Chairman.  Yeah, he knows car building.

America is slowly being told by the elites and those in Congress what we can and cannot drive.  What we can and cannot eat.  What we can and cannot say.  It’s all wrapped in the mantra of climate change, healthier living, ending divisiveness, and so on.

It’s like politicians always saying this tax or that tax is “for the future of our children.” How can one disagree with that?

Well I do, and hopefully we’ll wake up soon, kick these buffoon lifers in Congress out, and get America back to being the most free country in the world!


~ by detroitvoice on December 10, 2008.

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